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Carlton Whitaker took over what his father started back in the early '70s. Back then Carlton was a little toddler that his father was grooming for the future. Carlton is trained and eager to serve you and your family.

Carlton Sr. was a sought after professional in his day that made thousands of happy customers and now his son, Carlton, is following his tradition.

Carlton started out as a helper to his father. As he learned the trade, he branched out and worked for other companies to diversify his knowledge, wisdom, and how other owners ran their business in the flooring industry. This experience gave Carlton the science to be the very best in the flooring industry. He is very excited to share that he has a 90% landing of sales based on his formula and word of mouth! He is also very excited to bridge more relationships and friends in the flooring world!

Carlton Whitaker

Our Invitation to You: 

We invite all who reads this to come and join a wonderful experience for your flooring needs that has been a legacy for over 30 years.

Look Good, Feel Good!